Matrimonial Corporate Script - System Requirements

Corporate Matrimonial script Installtion Requirement Detail:

  • * Shared Hosting Account if you can provide VPN server require must be support team from your side to manage VPN server.

  • * Linyx Server Must be require.

  • * PHP 5.3 Plus Supported and mysql 5.3 Plus supported.

  • * Email Package in server if you want send mail in bulk to your client.

  • * SMS package if you want to set SMS Alert for your client.

  • * Payment getway- if you want your user can make pyament online then you can register payment getway with CC avenue,
       2Checkout and paumoney...

  • * Web Hosting space Minimum 1GB.

  • * Mysql space minimum 750MB.

  • * Cron Job support require in Web hosting.

  • * 5GB bandwith per month.

  • * Web hosting login access Require for installtion.

  • * Web hosting Support systemdetail.

Why Choose Us?

  • Narjis Enterprise Support System
    Narjis Enterprise Available 24 Hours time for Support by Phone. So User not wait for solution or query.Our team immediately Responce.
  • Corporate Matrimonial script Free updation.
    We have proviode Free updation in our coprorate matrimonial script for 1 year so user not require to update site.
  • Matrimonial script developed in Core PHP with Mysql.
    We have Developed our Corporate matrimonial script in Core PHP with Mysql platform so user can easily maintain our script and its not depened in our comapny because its complete source code.
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